The Ultimate Canadian Youth Game Jam started in 2016 and is Vancouver’s 1st official hackathon for youth. Click on any of the hackathons below to check out event highlights.

The Ultimate Canadian Youth Game Jam 2016


TUCY Game Jam’s capacity maxed out as 120 excited jammers and parents trickled in on the morning of July 30. All 14 teams were matched with a mentor, tools, and resources as they jammed away with their partners in crime for the next 8 hours. Jamming sessions were broken up with¬†breaks in between for lunch and playing virtual reality games at the demo booths. During showcase time, 14¬†amazing games from RPG to shooter were presented to the other jammers and their parents. We were so impressed by everybody’s games and dedication! All jammers were rewarded with a swag bag and chance to win one of the many prizes provided by our sponsors. Click here to view highlights from TUCY Game Jam 2016.