The turnout for TUCY Game Jam 2016Vancouver’s First Hackathon for Youth was astounding! The event’s capacity maxed out as 120 excited participants trickled in on the morning of Saturday, July 30th. All 14 teams were matched with a mentor, tools, and resources as they jammed away with their partners in crime for the next 8 hours.

The morning started off with fun ice-breaker activities, brainstorming sessions and workshops in coding, sound & music, game design and art and visual. This was to ensure that our jammers were equipped with the necessary skills needed to excel in their team roles (the 4 components of game development). The afternoon rolled around quickly, and the jammers were so focused on their projects that we missed our scheduled break! They jammed away with enthusiasm, energy, and excitement for almost 3 hours straight! Lunch followed and our jammers took a break outside or tried out virtual reality games at the demo booths by ITL and Futuretown.

Finally, it was showcase time. Fourteen amazing games from RPG to shooter were presented to the other jammers and their parents. We were so impressed by everybody’s games and the amount of dedication put into them! All jammers were rewarded with a swag bag and chances to win one of the many prizes provided by our sponsors. It was a huge success and we can’t wait to do it again next year!!

Event photos

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Huge thanks to our volunteers and sponsors!

Volunteers & Staff

  • Mentors: AJ PD., Anthony D., Bonnie H., Janet X., Jay A., John S., Joshua A., Justin L., Karl P., Michael P., Michelangelo P., Svetozar M., Teague L.
  • Super Mentors: Ivo M., Jamie C., Jason N., Michael C.
  • Organizers & Staff: Chantelle L., Milly C., Nick S., Rochelle M.
  • Photographer: Elvin L.
The Ultimate Canadian Youth Game Jam was organized by Under the GUI. Register and find out more about their Fall 2016 and Spring 2017 classes here.