Our mission

The Ultimate Canadian Youth (TUCY) Game Jam is a not-for-profit organization endeavouring to host hackathons (1) across the nation for youth with and without coding knowledge. We aspire to bring together kids with backgrounds who may have a specialized talent for technology, art, music, production, or just a kid interested in game development, and bringing them to collaborate on one ultimate game!

It’s not a competition so don’t sweat it!

1. Hackathon ˈhakəˌTHän/
An event, lasting several hours or days in which a number of people meet and collaborate and develop an app through computer programming

The TUCY way

The Ultimate Canadian Youth Game Jam started in 2016 and is Vancouver’s first kids Hackathon, bringing together elementary and high school students to innovate, create and build new games in 8 hours. It’s an experience to collaborate with other students in a team setting, learn how to use new tools, and attend workshops led by industry professionals. Students are also provided with food and mentors who can assist each team during the Game Jam. No coding experience is needed to join this event!

Why join?

  • Learn how to code in only 8 hours. No previous experience necessary!
  • Challenge yourself
  • Collaborate with other passionate youth in the community
  • Free swag for everyone from our awesome sponsors
  • Workshops led by industry professionals
  • Free food and beverages

Registration for TUCY Game Jam 2017 is coming soon!

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